Sensor For AlcoSense Zenith
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    Andatech Sensor For AlcoSense Zenith Pressure / Non-Pressure... Product #: RPSEN-ZENITH based on 0 reviews Regular price: $40.00 $40.00

    Sensor For AlcoSense Zenith

    Brand: Andatech
    Product Code: RPSEN-ZENITH

    Price: $44.00

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    There are two types of replacement sensors available for the Zenith. To prevent us from sending you the wrong sensor, please conduct a simple check on your unit. 

    Open the back panel on your Zenith breathalyser. You will see either one of the sensors below. 

    sensor alcosense zenith types

    If your breathalyser shows a similar image to the left image, you need the Pressure Sensor. If your breathalyser looks similar to the right image, you need the Non-Pressure Sensor. 

    Please refer to the image above and select the appropriate sensor above before adding to cart.

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