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Long and Short Term Risks of Alcohol

Effect of Alcohol on the Body

Drinking alcohol has become a social norm throughout Australia, being passed on through most generations as a rite of passage into adulthood.  Even with its inherited link to social occasions and fun it can have very damaging effects in the short and long term if it is not consumed in moderation. 

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Know Your Limit: Blood Alcohol Limits

Know how your license type is effected by drinking

Drink driving is one of the most common and dangerous driving offences committed by motorists.  Depending on the license you hold and vehicle you’re driving, there are different blood alcohol limits which you must be under to safely drive. If you do blow above these limits during a breath or blood test you will face varying punishment depending on what reading is shown after the test. With this in mind it is very important to know what your limit is to avoid any trouble.

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The Morning After: How Alcohol Effects Your Body

Ever had a big night and had to drive the next day? Know the facts of the morning after.

If you’ve had a more than a few drinks the night before you might think you’re able to sleep it off and be alright to drive in the morning, but you could be playing Russian roulette and get caught out. According to findings in 2015, 12.2% of all driving under the influence (DUI) charges happen from 6am – 12pm. This is a sobering thought for motorists who are unaware that that they are doing the wrong thing.


Just Sleep It Off: Important Facts on Drinking and Sleeping in Your Car

sleeping drunk in car

Had a few too many drinks and thought you can just sleep them off in your car, or maybe get a bit active and take some non-motorised transport home? Be very careful! You may think this is a harmless way to sober up and get home, but you can get into some serious deep water if you don’t have a breathalyser to check your blood alcohol level first. 

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