Breathalyser Tips and Hints

Tips & Hints on using your Breathalyser


It is essential to take proper care of your breathalyser to avoid unnecessary problems. Below are some guide lines you must follow to ensure your breathalyser continues to work without any problems. If the unit is being used incorrectly, calibration may be required earlier than specified.

    1.  Allow 20 minutes after eating, drinking or using mouthwash before blowing into the breathalyser.

    2.  Allow 20 minutes after smoking before using your breathalyser. Smoke or other chemical substances will damage the sensor.

    3.  Always use a mouthpiece when using the breathalyser. This will trap any moisture from getting into the sensor.

    4.  Use alkaline batteries only.  Never use heavy duty batteries or a different mix of battery types in your breathalyser.

    5.  Replace the batteries when the unit shows battery low signal. Continue using the your breathalyser when the battery is exhausted may result in the unit locking.

    6.  When using the breathalyser, please blow gently and maintain the beep until the beep stops.

    7.  Sharing with other users is not recommended for hygiene reasons and improper use.

    8.  Always keep your breathalyser in provided pouch /casing when not in use.

    9.  Removing the batteries when not in use is recommended to prevent any leakage.

   10.  Do not expose your breathalyser to moisture, high humidity or water.

Special Note: For Calibration intervals it is best practise to always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations. When it comes to using your breathlayser in the workplace check for the Australian Standards [AS3547] calibration intervals for each individual breathalyser.