AlcoSense Interlock FR9000

AlcoSense Interlock FR9000

Brand: Andatech
Product Code: RPALS-FR9000
Call for Price: 07 3999 9745

The AlcoSense FR9000 Alcohol Interlock Device is a handheld breathalyser with a vehicle ignition system. It is the most advanced alcohol interlock device. Designed with the most advanced alcohol detection sensor; you can be assured, no matter the vehicle, your loved ones are safe and your employees are in full control of their task. The driver whose car is equipped with the unit must complete a breath alcohol test with a result below a preset limit before they can start the vehicle.

Installing the AlcoSense FR9000 Alcohol Interlock Device will very effectively prevent somebody from driving under the influence of alcohol.

Australian Standardy AS3547 Certified
Certified to AS3547 for accuracy and reliability. The FR9000 is ideal for personal and workplace use.

Voice Commands
Loud and clear voice indicator to notify driver of several events such as rolling test.

Data Input
Onboard date logger records every interaction the driver has with the vehicle including activity, time, date and BAC level. The computer can store more than 8,000 (can be upgraded) separate events and display the content in a summary of detailed format.

Meeting Reminder
Meeting minder uses audio and visual reminders to count the days between required scheduled appointments. If the driver misses his or her appointment, the service calendar will disable the interlock device, preventing the car from starting.

Cirumvention Records
If the interlock device detects a bypass, or detects a failed rolling retest, the FR9000W will record all events in the circumvention record log.

Emergency Restart
In case of a vehicle stall, this feature allows the vehicle to have an emergency restart within several minutes of shutdown.

Power Interrupt
Records when the vehicle’s power has been disconnected or interrupted. This may occur if the driver tampers, repairs or replaces the battery. Driver is required to provide a documentation of repairs.

Data Transfer
Supports infrared, RS232, and USB download for data and reports.

Additional Features

  • Measures human temperature and humidity to prevent circumvention
  • Simple calibration – one alcohol sample are delivered to the unit, from which the device auto calibrates, eliminating the need for service center to manually adjust device calibration
  • Conducts rolling retests at fixed or random intervals while driving. If the driver fails the test, the circumvention alarm will sound.
  • Bypass Detection detects whether the vehicle is running. If a car is running, but the driver has not taken a breath test yet, the circumvention alarm will sound. The interlock device then enters a lockout state for a predetermined period.
  • An additional FR9000 handset unit (optional) is required to avoid any downtime during calibration service
 BAC Range     0.000% to 0.400%BAC
 Sensor Type     Fuel Cell
 Accuracy     ±0.005%BAC to 0.100%BAC
 Warm Up Time     N/A
 Response Time    N/A
 Recycle Time    N/A
 Working Temperature    No
 Power Supply    No
 Memory Capacity    8,000 tests
 Result Reading  
 BAC: grm%, mg/mL, mg/100ml, or any other units
 BrAC: mg/L, or any other units
 Certification    Australian Standard AS8547
 Continuous Use    No
 Calibration Frequency    Australian Standards requirement: 60 days
 Display    LCD display
 Features    memory function, calibration reminder, extreme temperature tolerance,  multi-language
 Includes    user manual
 Product Weight    280g sample head only
 Dimensions    H: 25.5mm x W: 31.5mm x D: 43.5mm
 Warranty    1 year

AlcoSense Interlock FR9000 by Andatech

Accuracy ±0.005%BAC to 0.100%BAC
Application Vehicle Interlock
BAC Range 0.000% to 0.400%BAC
Calibration Frequency Australian Standards requirement: 60 days
Certified AS8547
Decimal Reading N/A
Power Type N/A
Recycle Time N/A
Response Time N/A
Sensor Type Fuel Cell
Warm Up Time N/A
Warranty 1 year
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