AlcoSense Stealth Interlock

AlcoSense Stealth Interlock

Brand: Andatech
Product Code: RPALS-ALX1000
Call for Price: 07 3999 9745

The AlcoSense Stealth Alcohol Interlock Breathalyser is a simple, portable alcohol interlock device that gives the driver the feel of having a personal breathalyser. It’s perfect for drivers who want the accuracy but don’t require many functions.

With the Stealth Alcohol Interlock Device installed, the driver must be tested for alcohol and the ignition controlled will depend on the result of the analysis. The breathalyser handset is fully detachable so you can perform a self-test at home or in the pub before getting into your car. Your batteries must not be flat for the handset to work when detached.

The AlcoSense Stealth Interlock for vehicles has the unique benefit of two alcohol breath testers in one powerful device. Detach the handset for a personal unit and keep yourself in check, then attach back to the interlock and keep your options open.

refer to AlcoSense Stealth Breathalyser for breathalyser specifcations and features.

 BAC Range     0.000% to 0.400%BAC
 Sensor Type     Fuel Cell
 Accuracy     ±0.005%BAC to 0.100%BAC
 Warm Up Time     5 seconds to 2 minutes
 Response Time    Within 10 seconds at 0.10%BAC
 Recycle Time    N/A
 Working Temperature    -5 to 40°c (storage 0 to 50°c)
 Power Supply    2 x AAA Batteries (Alkaline Only)
 Memory Capacity    N/A
 Result Reading    N/A
 Certification    No
 Continuous Use    Over 500 times
 Calibration Frequency    N/A
 Display    No
 Includes    user manual
 Product Weight    100g including batteries
 Dimensions    H: 106mm x W: 50mm x D: 20mm
 Warranty    1 year
Accuracy ±0.005%BAC to 0.100%BAC
Application Vehicle Interlock
BAC Range 0.000% to 0.400%BAC
Calibration Frequency N/A
Certified No
Decimal Reading N/A
Power Type 2 x AAA Alkaline Batteries
Recycle Time N/A
Response Time Within 10 seconds at 0.10%BAC
Sensor Type Fuel Cell
Warm Up Time 5 seconds to 2 minutes
Warranty 1 year
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