Instant View Split Screen Urine Drug Test

Instant View Split Screen Urine Drug Test

Brand: Andatech
Call for Price: 07 3999 9745

The Instant View Split Screen Urine Drug Test has full compliance for Australian Standards as well as the FDA in the US. Simple and quick to use making it the perfect drug test for the work place.

Testing 6 drugs and 6 adulterants, the Instant View Split Screen Urine Drug Test is an excellent, comprehensive drug testing kit for all applications including pre-employment drug screening, random drug testing, medical or clinical drug testing, and hospital substance abuse screening. 

The Instant View Urine Drug Test is made in the USA and is fully Australian Standards compliant. It also has built-in Creatinine test, which is a requirement in the revised AS4308 Australian Standard. 

With the Instant View Split Screen urine test, you get reliable on-site results within minutes in just one easy step. In addition to a specimen validity test to detect specimen adulteration, the Instant View uses an easy test flow operation - just press the button to test when ready - making on-site urine drug testing simple and reliable.

The Instant View urine drug testing kit tests for 6 drugs and 6 adulterants:

  • Amphetamine
  • Benzodiazepine
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Morphine / Opiates
  • THC (Marijuana)

The Instant View Split Screen Urine Drug Test is the most qualified drug testing cup on the market -

  • AS4308 Appendix B Verified
  • AS4308 Certificate of Compliance
  • CE Marked
  • US FDA Professional /OTC
  • 510 (k) Cleared
  • CLIA Waived
  • Forensic / Research

 Carton Quantity: 25

 Test Drug    Cut-Off Level (μg/L)
 AMP-Amphetamine  300ng/ml
 BZO - Benzodiazepines  200ng/ml
 COC-Cocaine Metabolites  300ng/ml
 METH-Methamphetamine  300ng/ml
 OPI-Opiates  300ng/ml
 THC-Cannabis Metabolites  50ng/ml
 Adulterants   Oxidants (OX) / Specific Fravity (S.G) / pH / Nitrite (NIT) / Glutaradehyde (GLUT) / Creatine (CRE)
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