Ora-Check Complete 6-1 Saliva Drug Test

Ora-Check Complete 6-1 Saliva Drug Test

Brand: Andatech
Product Code: RPDMNS-06
Call for Price: 07 3999 9745

The Ora-Check Complete 6-1 Saliva Drug Test provides fast, easy-to-read results within 10 minutes. It is the ultimate for workplace drug testing.

Made to comply with the Australian Standards AS4760-2006 target requirements, the Ora-Check Complete 6-1 is a reliable, accurate drug testing kit for convenient and non-invasive workplace drug testing on-site.

The Ora-Check Complete 6-1 tests for the following drugs:

  • THC, Marijuana
  • Opiates, Heroin, Morphine
  • Cocaine,  
  • Methamphetamine, Party Drugs
  • Amphetamines, Stimulants
  • Benzodiazepine

Carton Quantity: 25

Testing is simple - place the saturated sponge in the cassette chamber and press to extract the sample. Results are shown within 5-10 minutes, and a control line on the test strip ensures that test validity is easy to confirm on-the-spot. The saliva drug test is user-friendly and easy to read, and its highly compact design allows OH&S staff to test employees anytime and anywhere with fast results.

ora check 6 saliva test results 1

 Test Drug    Cut-Off Level (μg/L)
 AMP-Amphetamine    50ng/ml
 BZO-Benzodiazepines    10ng/ml
 COC-Cocaine Metabolites    20ng/ml
 METH-Methamphetamine    50ng/ml
 OPI-Opiates    40ng/ml
 THC-Cannabis Metabolites    50ng/ml
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